BitVault is a full-service cryptocurrency exchange designed for professionals, offering advanced risk management and capital efficiency, with support for combined margin and unified margin

BitVault is committed to listing more popular tokens, providing advanced trading functions and innovative financial products. BIT is one of the top cryptocurrency options trading platforms, providing innovative USDT-based option trading pairs, including BTC, ETH, TON and other small currency options
BitVault offers a wide range of encryption products

- Cryptocurrency options trading
- Perpetual contract
- Spot Trading
- Instant exchange
- Financial management
- Automatic market making tools (RMM)
- Large transactions
BitVault treats security as a top priority and goes to great lengths to protect users' assets.

We have implemented strong measures at multiple levels to keep users and assets safe.

system security

BitVault uses 24-hour active risk control and passive risk monitoring. Proactive strategies include blacklisting suspicious accounts and limiting the frequency of withdrawals to detect illegal activity. Passive monitoring is used to track abnormal logins and transactions.

Advanced user protection

Deploy password change freezing and large withdrawal request review mechanisms to protect user security.

Institutional grade hosting

BitVault cooperates with institutional-level third-party custody, such as Cactus Custody, Copper and Cobo Custody, to monitor and supervise the platform and implement third-party asset custody.

By implementing security awareness and measures in the overall operation of the platform and integrating and utilizing top technologies, BitVault is committed to providing users with a safe and reliable trading environment.

BitVault provides a secure, regulated environment for crypto options trading

Our innovative platform allows you to trade a range of crypto options, including BTC options, ETH options and other leveraged altcoin options, manage your own risk and take advantage of market volatility

As one of the top crypto options trading platforms, BitVault offers innovative USDT margin trading pairs and is the first crypto options exchange in the world to launch TON options, XRP options, ADA options, and LADYS options

Whether you are an experienced trader or new to the world of cryptocurrency, BitVault is the ideal platform for trading crypto options