A comprehensive service platform dedicated to improving miners income

You can add liquidity to the fund pool, become a liquidity provider, and charge the exchange fee of the designated fund pool as income. You can also add leverage to increase your share of the fund pool, gain additional liquidity, and magnify your returns

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Futures field

Test your trading skills and compete with other users to earn points

Gain leverage, allowing you to enhance your ability to buy or sell without the risk of your account balance becoming negative In BitVault, seamlessly switch between futures and spot trading, so you can hedge futures in either direction price fluncuation

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Numbers speak for themselves

Sophisticated security measures protect your digital assets from risk

At BitVault, we have a global customer base, with clients from all over the world. Our platform is designed to be accessible to investors and traders from different countries, with multilingual support and a user-friendly interface

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Boost loan

Borrow in time